A member of the iOpenGroup, iCallCentre answers the needs of the specialist call-centre industry with a bespoke, full-circle solution.

Geared to handle outsourced call-centres across a variety of industry sectors, iCallCentre implements proprietary software and systems to provide the simplest, most appropriate customer relationship management (CRM) solutions.

All systems are built on a platform of quality, agility, and the capacity to improvise. Both professionally run and high-tech, our call-centre environment also has a relaxed, low-stress atmosphere for enhanced agent/caller engagement.

iCallCentre specialist areas

  • Vertical market and customer engagement solutions
  • Building customised call-centres designed on the individual requirements of specific businesses – one size does not fit all
  • Flexibility of software and call-centre agent training to meet changing needs

The approach that sets us apart

The iCallCentre approach combines various elements critical to answering customer service needs in the call-centre environment. Here’s how we call it:

  • Call One: We hire the right people for the job and conduct ongoing training, crucial in the customer-focused environment
  • Call Two: We have created a highly effective working environment conducive to managing service delivery and meeting client expectations at all times
  • Call Three: We use the power of monitoring and evaluation to ensure client needs are met, with the implementation of a constant feedback loop that tracks all levels of delivery

Our proven ability to deliver

iCallCentre gets things done. We believe our ability to take over an existing solution and, within a short period of time, improve it across all measurable parameters, is one of our stand-out features. As well as a fast turnaround time, we will improve systems efficiency and the quality of delivery; lower costs; increase brand support; and enhance customer satisfaction, as well as improve key performance areas.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”

This approach defines us. Continual per-client refining and improving of systems and processes gives measurable results, keeping our call-centres in touch with market demands and client requirements.

iCallCentre creates a world-class business environment to exceed performance targets. Fully transparent business processes provide clients with access to our systems, where customised software allows for in-depth evaluation and measurement.

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